Pain in the wrists - stroke them

Stroking the wrists and arms many times a day improves the blood and lymph circulation and relieves pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Grab a finger between the thumb and the forefinger of the other hand and stroke it lightly from the tip to the base. Repeat eight times. Go to the next finger until you have done all the fingers. Then stroke the back of the hand from the fingertips to the forearm. Next stroke the arm from fingertips to the shoulder. Repeat eight times.

How to treat your Insomnia

Very often people who complain of insomnia are afflicted with psychological problems, stress, worry or anxiety that keep them awake at night. But there are also other reasons: hunger or too late dinner, disturbances in digestion, neck and shoulder tension and pain.

Acupressure balances the body and is an efficient way to treat insomnia. The following acupressure points are the basic points for insomnia. Press them daily.

1. Place both of your thumbs underneath the base of your skull into the middle of the big muscle. This is the location of the point Anmian, "sleep well". It is the basic point for the insomnia. Tilt your head back to relax on your thumbs and press on Anmian firmly up toward the bone. Keep the pressure steady.

Foods for Stomach Pain and Indigestion

Did you know, that you can cure a flu with ginger and green onions? Or that dark rice calms the nervs and treats depression? And also that ginger lowes blood pressure and chicken liver improves sexual performance?

By eating the right foods we can both prevent and treat illnesses. Food is used as a remedy in Chinese Medicine. The famous Chinese doctor Sun Sshu-mo wrote, 1400 years ago, that "an illness must be always treated with food first, and a medicine used only if food doesn't bring any results."

But it is not enough, that we eat the right foods,  we must also be able to assimilate them.  A strong digestion is the foundation of our health and longevity.

Here is an exellent remedy for indigestion, gas and stomach cramps: Make a soup of fennel, cellery, and onion in a vegetable or chicken broth, add a few slices of fresh ginger and a little bit of fresh dill at the end.

Do your own Facelift

Do you want to look years younger? Do you consider having a facelift, but are afraid of scarring, pain, swelling, time off work needed for recovery, or just going under the knife?

There is another, safer, and more natural way to tighten those sagging muscles at the jaw, erase the fine lines around the eyes and get a healthy and more radiant look: Acupressure Facelift.  You can do it with your own fingertips and it only takes 15-20 minutes a day.

Do you have Pain in the Neck?

Do you work with computers? Do you feel constant pain and tension in your neck muscles?  Can you hardly turn your head and carry that weight of 8 to 12 pounds with your fragile and sore neck muscles?  

Today neck pain  is the most common complain of those who work with computers. 
If that is your case, here is something you can do:

1.     First rub your neck muscles up and down with your fingertips. Then hit both of your shoulders lightly with your clinched fists to relax your shoulder muscles.

Stomach Cramps and Indigestion?

Never put ice in your drinks, ever. Specially during the meal. Drink only warm liquids while eating. Europeans drink their drinks at room temperature, Asians drink warm tea. I remember Zhao, my neighbour's daughter in Shanghai, who, on the hottest days, refused to buy soft drinks, which had been kept in the cooler. She went thirsty instead.

Only in America do we drink  icecold water with warm food.  Imagine your warm stomach receiving that icecold water while digesting the food. First the stomach cramps, and the tiny tubes bringing digestive juices close up. The digestion slows down or stops while the stomach starts to warm the water. It takes time and energy.

Treat your Depression and Anxiety

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the internal organs control the emotions. Depression, anxiety and anger can be signs of an improper liver functioning. That's why the liver points are the basic points to treat depression with acupressure.
It is also important to calm the nervs of the heart by pressing lightly on the inner side of the both wrists.

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