Do you have Pain in the Neck?

Do you work with computers? Do you feel constant pain and tension in your neck muscles?  Can you hardly turn your head and carry that weight of 8 to 12 pounds with your fragile and sore neck muscles?  

Today neck pain  is the most common complain of those who work with computers. 
If that is your case, here is something you can do:

1.     First rub your neck muscles up and down with your fingertips. Then hit both of your shoulders lightly with your clinched fists to relax your shoulder muscles.

2.     Press with your forefinger on the sore point in the shoulder muscle. It is the middle point between the base of the neck and the end of the shoulder. Press on the point and hold the pressure until the pain subsides. Do not press behind the shoulder muscle but right at the top of it.

3.     Move your finger directly behind the shoulder muscle. There are several acupressure points above the shoulder blade.  Press on the whole area with all your fingertips. Keep the pressure steady. Do not massage or rub.

4.     Place both of your thumbs underneath the base of your skull in the depression  between the two big neck muscles. Press on the point for several minutes. Don’t massage or rub.

      A complete acupressure routine for the neck and shoulder tension and pain contains a lot of more acupressure points. If you want to learn more about how to treat your neck, head, and back pain, order my book Treat Yourself with Acupressure at


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