Stomach Cramps and Indigestion?

Never put ice in your drinks, ever. Specially during the meal. Drink only warm liquids while eating. Europeans drink their drinks at room temperature, Asians drink warm tea. I remember Zhao, my neighbour's daughter in Shanghai, who, on the hottest days, refused to buy soft drinks, which had been kept in the cooler. She went thirsty instead.

Only in America do we drink  icecold water with warm food.  Imagine your warm stomach receiving that icecold water while digesting the food. First the stomach cramps, and the tiny tubes bringing digestive juices close up. The digestion slows down or stops while the stomach starts to warm the water. It takes time and energy.

If you already have digestive problems you can try self acupressure to calm and balance the digestive system and tone the stomach muscles. Here is what to do:

1. Rub, with your fists, the lower back, waist, and sacrum with circular movements. Then lie down on your back and bend your knees. Place your fingertips or your fist on halfway between the base of the breastbone and the belly button. This is an important point for digestion. Press on the point lightly.

2. Place your fingertips on both sides of the belly button, two fingers' width from the
belly button, in the middle of the straight stomach muscle. Press lightly at first, gradually increasing the depth of the pressure.

3. Place your fingertips at two fingers' width below the belly button. press lightly at first, gradually increasing the pressure. Hold the pressure for several minutes and breathe deeply.

This is self treatment routine for mild indigestion. If you live in  Los Angeles area, you are welcome to visit my office in Glendale, California. Give me a call at 323-304 0187 and we'll see if acupuncture can help you. If you want to learn more about how to treat yourself,  please order my book Treat Yourself with Acupressure at


  1. Most of people prefer to drink cold drinks in summer. Although there not good for health. Cold drinks can cause for various disease.


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