Treat your Depression and Anxiety

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the internal organs control the emotions. Depression, anxiety and anger can be signs of an improper liver functioning. That's why the liver points are the basic points to treat depression with acupressure.
It is also important to calm the nervs of the heart by pressing lightly on the inner side of the both wrists.
Here is what to do:

1. Calm the Heart: Press with the thumb of your right hand on the Pericardium point on your left wrist. It is located in the middle of the inner side of the forearm, two thumbs' width from the wrist crease. Hold a light but firm pressure between the big tendons.

2. Treat the liver: Sit on a chair and place your forefingers on the top of your feet in the depression between the big and the second toe. This point is the basic point against depression and stress. Hold a firm and steady pressure, even if the point feels very tender. Press this point on both feet.

Try to press these two points several times a day. It is also important for you to circulate your energy by physical movement. Walking is enough, but it should be done for two hours a day.
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