Do your own Facelift

Do you want to look years younger? Do you consider having a facelift, but are afraid of scarring, pain, swelling, time off work needed for recovery, or just going under the knife?

There is another, safer, and more natural way to tighten those sagging muscles at the jaw, erase the fine lines around the eyes and get a healthy and more radiant look: Acupressure Facelift.  You can do it with your own fingertips and it only takes 15-20 minutes a day.

Pressing certin points on the face activates the facial nerves and stimulates the blood and lymph circulation and collagen growth of the skin. When you press on a point with a finger, hold the pressure for about half a minute, lift the finger from the skin, and move to the next point. Do not strech the skin when you move your finger from one point to another.

1. Place your fingers beside the corners of your mounth, directly below the centers of your eyes. Press on the point with a firm pressure.
2. Move your fingers underneath the cheekbones. The acupressure point is located below the cheekbone in a direct vertical line with the pupil. Press up toward the bone.
3. Follow the cheekbones untill you come to the acupressure point in front of the ear, between the jaw and the skullbone. Press on the point.
4. Move your fingers to the corner of the jawbone and press on the point with a firm pressure.

These are some acupressure points to tighten the jawline. A complete acupressure routine for the Chinese facelift contains about 14 acupressure points. To get the best results you should repeat the face acupressure twice a day during the first month. If you want to learn more, please order my book Treat Yourself with Acupressure at


  1. I did these and feel I wiil get good results with daily commitments to the routine.

  2. I hope this will help me. I will do that on my own. Thanks a lot!