Foods for Stomach Pain and Indigestion

Did you know, that you can cure a flu with ginger and green onions? Or that dark rice calms the nervs and treats depression? And also that ginger lowes blood pressure and chicken liver improves sexual performance?

By eating the right foods we can both prevent and treat illnesses. Food is used as a remedy in Chinese Medicine. The famous Chinese doctor Sun Sshu-mo wrote, 1400 years ago, that "an illness must be always treated with food first, and a medicine used only if food doesn't bring any results."

But it is not enough, that we eat the right foods,  we must also be able to assimilate them.  A strong digestion is the foundation of our health and longevity.

Here is an exellent remedy for indigestion, gas and stomach cramps: Make a soup of fennel, cellery, and onion in a vegetable or chicken broth, add a few slices of fresh ginger and a little bit of fresh dill at the end.

Fennel relieves bloating, settles stomach pain, and stimulates the appetite. Dill has always been valued as a remedy of stomach relieving gas and calming the digestion. Dill's essential oil relieves intestinal spasms and cramps and helps to settle colic.

Celery is a cleansing, diuretic herb. It helps the kidneys dispose of unwanted waste products and reduces acidity of the whole body.  As a  diuretic, it helps to reduce blood pressure. It is also used to treat rheumatic arthritis and gout.  Ginger is remedy for many digestive problems such as indigestion, nausea, gas and colic. It is an exellent remedy for motion and morning sickness. It also stimulates blood circulation.

Onion is added to the soup mainly for the taste, but it is also recommended for a variety of health problems like colds, flus and coughs. It is also beneficial for circulation and helps to lower blood pressure.

You can take care of your own health by following the recommendations of the Chinese medicinal diet. If you live in  Los Angeles area, you are welcome to visit my office in Glendale, California, for consultation. Give me a call at 323-304 0187 and we'll see if I can help to find the right diet for you.

Thank you for taking interest in your health!


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  2. Thank you for sharing.

    May I know is this soup suitable for everyone?

  3. Yes it is. All ingredients are vey healthy..

  4. May I know in details of the preparation of ingredients and the procedure of cooking it? Fennel vege are seldom seen in Asian Country, thus, not sure about the preparation for it, Hope you don't mind me asking for this.

    By the way, through my internet research, introduction of Fennel seeds is seen more often than Fennel Vege. How is the Fennel Vege itself different from Fennel Seeds then?

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