How to treat your Insomnia

Very often people who complain of insomnia are afflicted with psychological problems, stress, worry or anxiety that keep them awake at night. But there are also other reasons: hunger or too late dinner, disturbances in digestion, neck and shoulder tension and pain.

Acupressure balances the body and is an efficient way to treat insomnia. The following acupressure points are the basic points for insomnia. Press them daily.

1. Place both of your thumbs underneath the base of your skull into the middle of the big muscle. This is the location of the point Anmian, "sleep well". It is the basic point for the insomnia. Tilt your head back to relax on your thumbs and press on Anmian firmly up toward the bone. Keep the pressure steady.

2. Press on the Heart point. You will find it by following with your finger along the palm between the ring finger and the little finger up to the wrist. The point is in the midle of the inside of the wrist crease, in the depression between the elbow bone and the carpal bone. Press on the point toward the carpal bone.

3. Sit on a chair and press on the Kidney point in the rear part on the inside of the ankle in the hollow between the internal malleolus and the Achilles tendon. 

Keep in mind, that several months of acupressure is needed to change the sleeping pattern. If sleep doesn't come one night, it will do no good to start pressing the points right away. It is better to relax and start the treatments on the following day. To learn more about how to treat your insomnia, read my book Treat Yourself with Acupressure at


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