Nausea and Morning Sickness

A simple way to treat nausea is to put a slice of raw ginger in the mouth and suck it untill you feel better. If your child feels motion sickness you can press on the point between his or her eyebrows. This is the point Yintang, a well known calming point in the Chinese medicine, which the yogis call the "third eye".

Are your Arms Numb?

Do you have circulation problems, or a pinched nerve in the neck? Tight muscles in the neck and shoulder? How is your posture while working on the computer? Is it one-sided?

As there are many causes for the numbness and aching of the arms, you should first try to find out its origin. But it is always beneficial to massage both arms from tips of the fingers to shoulders as often as possible.  You can also treat your numb arms with your own fingertips.

Here is what to do. Press the following points several times a day. Hold the pressure on each point for about a minute.  

Press the outer portion of the chest muscle firmly with your fingers until you find two sensitive points below the end of your collarbone. Press both points simultaneously with your middle and forefingers.

Prevent Migraine

Migraine is not your usual headache. It starts when a stimulus triggers a reaction in which the blood vessels in the head enlarge. The ache is often one-sided and may last for days. Nausea and visual disorders are typical symptoms. Migraine can be treated with acupressure, but it should be done preventively, between the episodes, not when the headache has already started.
Here is what to do:

Poor Memory? Concentration Difficulties?

The first thing to improve your thinking is to eat small meals frequently, drink enough water and sleep at least eight hours a day.
You can also improve your mental sharpness by pressing the following acupressure points several times a day:

1. Place the tip of your finger lightly between your eyebrows. There you find a strong energy point Yintang, called by yogis "the third eye". Press on the point for several minutes.

If you have constipation

Did you know that you can treat constipation by pressing certain poits on the arms and legs? Thousands of years ago the Chinese learned that pressing certain points on the skin one could induce favorable effects somewhere else in the body. That is acupressure.

Here is what to do to ease your constipation:

1. Bend your elbow. Press with your thumb at the end of the elbow crease on the outside of your forearm on the point Large Intestine 11.

Stiff shoulder? Move it!

Don't just rest your stiff shoulder. Try to move the arm, even if it feels painful. It makes the healing faster.
Hold something heavy in your hand, a hand weight or a cast iron flying pan. Bend your body a little bit forward and swing your arm in several directions. Do this several times a day to keep the joint loose and flexible.

Is stress making you sick?

When a traditinal Chinese doctor sees the patient for the first time, the doctor always asks him what happened in his life on the outset of the illness.
Was there a change in his living conditions? Did he start a new job or were there problems in the old one? Did he get married or divorced?

Because emotional balance is so important for the physical health, the "seven emotions" are considered as a major cause of illness in traditonal Chinese medicine. Although anger, sadness, fear and worry are perfectly normal emotions, they can sometimes overwhelm the body's adaptation mechanism and the person falls ill. It is said in the traditional Chinese medicine that sorrow damages the heart, fear damages the lungs, and anger damages the liver.