Is stress making you sick?

When a traditinal Chinese doctor sees the patient for the first time, the doctor always asks him what happened in his life on the outset of the illness.
Was there a change in his living conditions? Did he start a new job or were there problems in the old one? Did he get married or divorced?

Because emotional balance is so important for the physical health, the "seven emotions" are considered as a major cause of illness in traditonal Chinese medicine. Although anger, sadness, fear and worry are perfectly normal emotions, they can sometimes overwhelm the body's adaptation mechanism and the person falls ill. It is said in the traditional Chinese medicine that sorrow damages the heart, fear damages the lungs, and anger damages the liver.

The Chinese understood early on that when the organs and the muscles do not function properly, there cannot be harmony in the mind. A healthy body is important for a healthy mind. Acupressure is an exellent method for balancing both the mind and the body.

That's how you calm your heart: Press with the thumb of your right hand on the Pericardium point on your left wrist. It is located in the middle of the inner side of the forearm, two thumbs' width from the wrist crease. Hold a light but firm pressure between the big tendons.

The touch calms the body and relaxes the mind. It also creates a strong connection to the environment.
When a nurse is taking a patient's pulse, his heart starts beating regularly, even if it had been irregular before that. It has also been proven that the power of touch enchances the immune system and is the best medicine for depression. It is also important for you to circulate your energy by physical movement. Walking one or two hours a day will get you out of a gloomy mood.

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