Prevent Migraine

Migraine is not your usual headache. It starts when a stimulus triggers a reaction in which the blood vessels in the head enlarge. The ache is often one-sided and may last for days. Nausea and visual disorders are typical symptoms. Migraine can be treated with acupressure, but it should be done preventively, between the episodes, not when the headache has already started.
Here is what to do:

Poor Memory? Concentration Difficulties?

The first thing to improve your thinking is to eat small meals frequently, drink enough water and sleep at least eight hours a day.
You can also improve your mental sharpness by pressing the following acupressure points several times a day:

1. Place the tip of your finger lightly between your eyebrows. There you find a strong energy point Yintang, called by yogis "the third eye". Press on the point for several minutes.