Keep your Frozen Shoulder moving

As difficult as it sounds, try to keep your frozen shoulder moving, even if it feels painful. It makes the healing faster. Hold something heavy with your  hand, a hand weight or a cast iron frying pan. Bend your body a little bit forward and swing your arm in several directions. Do this many times a day to keep the joint loose and flexible.

You can also treat yourself with acupressure. Here is what to do:

1. Feel with your finger between the upper arm and the pectoral muscle until you find a tender spot. This is an acupressure point, located in the midpoint halfway between the armpit and the tip of the shoulder. Press on the point with your finger and hold the pressure.

2. Lift your arm. Grab the muscle behind the armpit with your thumb and forefinger and press the fingers together. Hold the pressure for a minute. The acupressure point is located on the backside of the muscle.

3. Strech your arm slowly in a horizontal position and support it on the back of the chair. You'll now find two small depressions between the tip of the shoulder and the triceps muscle. They are located at one inch from each other. Press on the points firmly with your thumb and forefinger.

A complete acupressure routine for the inflammation of the rotator cup,  the frozen shoulder,  contains a lot of more acupressure points. If you want to learn more, order my book Treat Yourself with Acupressure at
Finish the treatment by massaging the shoulder and pressing all the tender points. "Where is pain, there is point",  says a Chinese Medicine classic.


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