Loose Weight with Acupressure

You can loose weight by pressing earlobe with your fingertips. 

Earlobe contains over one hundred acupressure points including the points that govern all vital organs and functions of the body. You can accelerate  your metabolism and reduce appetite by applying pressure on some of these points. 

Here is a simple do-it-yourself acupressure routine that you can use at home to help reduce hunger and cravings and loose weight. It is so easy that you can do it before meals during the holiday season to prevent weight gain. 

Press the following points several times a day with your fingertips.  If the tiny points are difficult to locate, just rub the whole area. Rubbing the entire earlobe promotes blood circulation and improves metabolism. 

Stomach point (center): strengtens digestion, reduces waste and water accumulation in the body. 

Hunger point (lower right): reduces feeling of hunger. People usually want to eat when the digestive system sends them a message "I'm hungry." Pressing hard on the "hunger point" can delay the message and convey the full feeling.  

Spirit Gate (upper right): calms the nerves and relieves irritation. It helps, when overeating is caused by psychological reasons. 

Australian scientists report that acupuncture and acupressure stimulate the auricular - or ear - branch of the vagus nerve and raises serotonin levels; this works to increase tone in the smooth muscle of the stomach, which results in appetite suppression.

You can finish the routine by sitting on a chair and placing your right heel on your left leg. Rub with your heel up and down along the outside of the shinbone. When rubbing the area, you stimulate the Stomach meridian and several important digestion points. You metabolism improves. 

A complete acupressure routine for weight loss and digestion  contains a lot more acupressure points. If you want to learn more about how to treat your water accumulation, constipation, and other digestive disorders, you  might find it useful to order my book 
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